Quality backlinks are a key ranking factor for websites

Backlinks are a key ranking factor for websites.

Backlinks are a key factor in ranking websites in the SERPs of all search engines. As soon as the search engine determines that your website has a lot of backlinks from trusted websites and the dynamics of increasing such links persists for a long time, it becomes evident to the search engine that your website is interesting and useful for a wide audience, which means its position in the search engine output needs to be improved. Thus, by increasing the number of quality backlinks to your website, you increase the position of your website in search engine results.

Quality backlinks are how to get your website to the top of the search results.

But in order for the position of your website in the results of search engine results to improve, due to the growth in the number of backlinks, you must follow one rule - backlinks must be of high quality. Otherwise, you can achieve the opposite results.

What quality backlinks are.

Quality backlinks are links placed on relevant pages of trusted websites, not blocked from indexing and followings by search engines, with relevant anchor text and description.

How to get quality backlinks to your website.

There are many link building strategies for getting quality backlinks to your website. All of them have both their pros and cons. But all of them are united by two minuses:

  • - the need to spend a lot of time
  • - big budget

How to find high quality backlinks.

Any site that needs to provide decent positions on the pages of the Google search engine requires dofollow backlinks.

This fact is confirmed by multiple studies conducted by auditors, SEO specialists, and experts in the promotion of Internet resources. For example, such a reputable publication as Backlinko found that sites that occupy the TOP 1 positions in Google have approximately 3.5 times more backlinks than those that are in the TOP 10.

But you can only count on such a result if you have high quality backlinks. What does it mean? Where and how to look for them?

The main factors that determine how high the quality of a backlink is.

Analyzing forums and communities in which site owners share tips on how to independently promote their resources, it is difficult not to pay attention to one mistake that is so popular that it may well be considered global. Namely, an attempt to achieve results by purchasing cheap dofollow backlinks, but in large, or even very large quantities.

The price of a backlink may depend on many characteristics of the resource on which it is posted:

  • - attendance
  • - positions in Google for relevant queries
  • - various indicators of trust and domain ranking

And this is the first factor influencing the quality of backlinks. The resource on which the dofollow backlink will be located should not be an "empty place" in the eyes of users and search engines. Which is quite logical. Since the higher the positions, the greater the traffic, the more clicks through the backlink to the advertiser's website.

But that's not all. Whether a backlink is considered high quality depends on how it was placed in the text. A number of conditions must be met.

  • - Relevance. The anchor must match the topic of the page to which the backlink leads. And it should not spoil the readability of the text.
  • - Content. It must be unique, high quality, and useful. Headings, lists - all this must be present for better perception of the text by the Google search engine.
  • - Place. We are talking about the location of the backlink in the text. Ideally, it should be in the first 200 words. In terms of characters, this is approximately 1250 characters.

Only if these conditions are met is a backlink considered good for SEO. But that's not all. The result that can be achieved with the help of dofollow backlinks is influenced not only by the attitude toward the backlinks themselves but also by the backlinking technology in general.

What else to consider when placing dofollow backlinks.

There are two more factors that are worth mentioning since the ranking of sites in search results based on backlinks depends on them. A positive role in this issue is played by:

  • - number of domains with dofollow backlinks
  • - novelty of links

As for the first factor. Please note that we are talking about domains, not backlinks. That is, placing 200 quality backlinks on 20 domains is better than placing the same number of links of the same quality on 10 domains.

Regarding novelty, we are talking about the date the link was posted. That is, links posted a month ago will be more useful than links posted a year ago. And if you want to achieve maximum results, then you should ensure that high quality backlinks appear on the network at a certain frequency.

Ways to place good backlinks for SEO on websites.

Today there are three most popular ways to get dofollow backlinks for your Internet resource:

  • - independent search for sites to post backlinks
  • - placement of backlinks, buying them from site owners or webmasters
  • - placement of backlinks in PBN networks
  • - placement of interesting, relevant, and in-demand content

When searching on your own, it is essential to be able to analyze everything mentioned above. This method of creating good backlinks for SEO is relevant, as a rule, for sites from "gray" niches.

Placing a backlink by purchasing it directly from the owner or webmaster of the site you are interested in is a guarantee of high quality backlink in all respects. However this method has several significant disadvantages: it requires a lot of time to analyze and search for suitable resources, requires negotiation skills, and the high cost of placement.

Placing a backlink by purchasing it from PBN networks is the best method of obtaining high quality backlinks at an affordable cost and without wasting time. The only condition remains the choice of a truly high quality PBN network.

Excellent content is the likelihood that the owners of other sites, having found your materials, will independently want to share them on their resources, on forums, or on social networks and, thus, provide you with high quality backlinks completely free of charge.